To our world and community of friends, Chalananda is sending love and best wishes in these uncertain times.  May you find peace amidst the difficulties you might be facing and an open heart to navigate it all.
The yearly offering of joyful and beneficial practices that happens at Chalananda will manifest when and if the circumstances are appropriate, we will let you know. For now, let us all join this worldwide effort that has the well‐being of others as a priority.
Light & Love,
Chalananda, Chimulca & the Birds

These were our COURSES & RETREATS 2019

Tai Chi & Qi Gong with Master Mei Luo

October 4-9

Qigong (Ch'i Kung) is a powerful Chinese system of self-healing that aligns body, breath and mind by means of smooth and meditative movements allowing the internal vital energy (Qi) to flow, providing physical health, vitality and peace of mind. Master Mei will convey the essence of Qigong, to apply it to any practice we have done in the past or do in the future.

Qi Gong Rejuvenation for Women with Master Mei Luo

October 9-11

This seminar is for all women of any age who want to increase their life force and learn the art of self-healing. 

The Chinese healing art of Qigong has been a source of health and longevity for women for thousands of years.

Boundless Bliss Restorative & Yin Yoga Immersion & Training (50hs) with Chris Loebsack 

October 11 - 17

This teacher training with Chris Loebsack is an 50-hr comprehensive experiential immersion designed to give the current teacher or serious student and in-depth guide through the techniques and practices of restorative yoga and Yin yoga. Breathe into your own self-care while learning these incredible art forms for stretch and relaxation in the beauty and nurturing land of Mexico. This course may be taken for CE credits or as a personal enrichment immersion.

Advanced Intensive with Partner Acrobatics

October 20-30

Join Partner Acrobatics for 11 days, 10 nights of high level acro training. This advanced intensive will focus on more standing tricks, geared towards the intermediate/advanced practitioner. If you want to refine your technique in hand to hand and other standing skills, come dial in your current challenges, learn the tricks you covet, and do it all in a supportive community full of lightness, laughter, and general shenanigans.


November 1-3

Acrobatic Intensive for beginner & intermediate level.

Inspired in Acroyoga Intl., Acroyoga Montreal, Partner Acrobatics, AcroRevolution and AcroDanza.  Welcome to this magical gathering where we will empower and play through the exploration of movement and the capacity of your body to give life to new possibilities.


November 4-16



Join us for our next Acroyoga Teacher training.

If you’ve enjoyed our work over the year and would like to upgrade your own education, then join us for a program that is one of a kind. Over a decade of experience has formed this school, and we are thrilled to share our teachings and knowledge with you.

AGUAHARA  Level 1-3  with Alex

Nov 5 - 15 for more info click here

Aguahara is more then a technique it is a dance between giver and receiver within water, creating a space of trust free of judgement and expectations, flowing with intuition in the moment.  


Aguahara Facilitator Training with Alexander Siebenstern

Nov 17-27  for more info click here

AMPHIBIOUS: Contact & Water Dance 

November 20-24  

An amphibious and bilingual investigation of contact improvisation and water dance in the thermal pools of Chalananda.

In Amphibious, we will dance in alkaline thermal mineral water and on land, fostering connection to the Self and the Other, and unlocking new pathways of movement, freedom, and expression. Sessions will be bilingually facilitated, and the dance will also be a vehicle to explore how nonverbal communication fosters deeper levels of communication, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers.



Nov 29- Dec 5


 Join us for the 4th Annual Embody Fest, A Dance & Movement Micro-Festival. This year the festival will take place at Chalananda Retreat Center, a thermal springs waterpark! Our mission is to create a nourishing community experience offering a full spectrum of inspiration for an embodied life.  You’ll emerge from the week feeling empowered in your movement practices and re-inspired to live your best life!   

Thai Massage with Pau Castellsague & Alexandra Ruiz

December 5-15

Thai yoga massage course & certification. A tranformative experience, a deep revolution in the way we dance, move, interact, communicate, and specially the way we share touch as a form of healing.  The combination of static and dynamic techniques create a sacred dance that allows the patient to relax and enter into a profound experience of liberation and openness.


SOLUNAR NEW YEAR 2029 with Ale Ruiz & Jason Nemer

December 27 - January 3rd

 Join us for the Solunar New year Immersion in one full transformative experience.  We will train acrobatics in hot spring water pools, and do aquatic healing work in them as well.  Water Slides will boost the emotional body, while we witness migratory butterflies, flowers in abundance, and delicious Mexican food!  We will create daily rituals that honor ourselves, our acro partners, those who will join this intentional band of acrohealers, extending to each person that you touch moving forward.





January 6 - 19 


Level 2 is about going to the next level.

 We aim to give you new tools in your practice, your teaching and your ability to build community. In this intensive training, we will focus on the 3 pillars of AcroYoga and how these pillars can be mixed to support students in new ways. Yoga, Acrobatics and Healing arts are all infinite practices and we have the rest of our lives to find the perfect alchemy for different students and different situations.