*We offer daycare for all retreats, for info write to Mia: drobec.mia@gmail.com

Courses & Retreats 2017



Sep. 14 - 17

with Coni Guevara, Ro Alvarellos, Quetzal Rios, Juampi Travaglini, Julia Padilla, Renata Roqueñi, Fernando Bravo, Ale Ruiz.


AcroYoga + PartnerAcro + AcroDance + StandingAcro

Acrolandia, Acrobatic Camp is coming to Chalananda, for the second consecutive year.  Challenge you acrobatic training with beautiful lake side views and nourishing hot springs!


More Info: acrolandiatour@gmail.com




Oct 12 - 18, 20 - 27

with Oliver Chamorro, Mimi Nunez, & friends


It is an honor to support you in your path as a community leader and instructor.  Our deepest gift is to give you the highest level of dedication, devotion & passion, in the same way you have this for your own practice.



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Oct 28 - 29

AcroYoga International is hosting a two-day festival in Mexico. The co-founder of AcroYoga, Jason Nemer, will bring his experience and hand-selected team of world-class teachers to this amazing event that will be the pinnacle of the 29th Teacher Training. There will be 3 sessions per day with three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, including therapeutics. Whether this is your first experience with AcroYoga or you are a pro, there will be support and challenge for all. 


Info: chalanandamx@gmail.com



Nov 6 - 19

with Niko Dowes, Emily Baxter, & Mimi Nunez


Partner Acrobatics intensive training is happening again in Mexico!  The intensive will cover many different acro disciplines including: standing acro, handstands, washing machines, trio tricks, Icarian, games and much more.  The physical intensity will be balanced out with therapeutic sessions, which aim to heal and restore the body + Chalananda's beautiful natural setting and nourishing hot springs.



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Thai Massage

Nov 8 - 18

with Juan Carlos Russo & Carlos Romero


Thai Yoga Massage is a transformative experience and deep revolution on the way we move, interact, communicate and share our touch as a form of healing. Learning this beautiful and ancient art it's about learning how to give from the heart with love, compassion, and cultivating the art of mindful touch.


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MOVE 2.0: Retreat & Festival

Nov 19 - 26 

with Ezra Le bank & friends


Movement. Improvisation. Bossyness..... 8-day movement celebration, on land, in water and flying through the air.  Open to movers, shakers, rockers, yogis, acrobats, dancers, athletes, contact improvisers, and bosses whether you are new to this, or if you've been kicking ass for a while.  Guarantee your spot!


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Nov 16 - 29

with Alex & Sandra


A two week intensive training in Aguahara with a focus on treatment and dance.  This year we will offer a two week Chalananda Super Intensive with over 40 hours in the water per week + time on land for theory and exercises.  Aguahara is more then a technique it is a dance between giver and receiver within water, creating a space of trust free of judgement and expectations, flowing with intuition in the moment.


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Join us for the Solunar New year Immersion in one full transformative experience.  We will train acrobatics in hot spring water pools, and do aquatic healing work in them as well.  Water Slides will boost the emotional body, while we witness migratory butterflies, flowers in abundance, and delicious Mexican food!

We will create daily rituals that honor ourselves, our acro partners, those who will join this intentional band of acrohealers, extending to each person that you touch moving forward. 


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