BASA Yoga Teacher Training (200 hrs) with Joao

October 6 - 27 

Dive deep into self-study, embody powerful practices, build community, nourish yourself with incredible food and nature, and learn to share these practices. Ideal for aspiring Teachers, or to simply deepen practice.  For 22 days, we will develop your knowledge of the root systems and practices of Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda, and support optimal mind-body intelligence with the BASA Yoga Method. We will connect with natural rhythms of light, heat, nature, and our own breaths and hearts. Daily rituals and reflection will help you to build your practice and grow your teaching practice. More Info...

Mahadevi Mandala 

October 15 - 21

The great goddess Mahadevi, the creative force that produces the universe in all its dynamic forms, the cosmic game.  A mandala is a circle of different forms that arise form a unifying center.  The center represents the divine source, and the forms are the manifestation of nature.  Mahadevi mandala are artistic and healing tools that eneable us to explore the creative center though the archetypes of the Hindu mythology.  More Info...

AGUAHARA with Alex

22 October - 4 November

A two week intensive training in Aguahara with a focus on treatment and dance.  This year we will offer a two week Chalananda Super Intensive with over 40 hours in the water per week + time on land for theory and exercises.  Aguahara is more then a technique it is a dance between giver and receiver within water, creating a space of trust free of judgement and expectations, flowing with intuition in the moment.  More Info...



November 2 - 4

Acrobatic Intensive for beginner & intermediate level.

Inspired in Acroyoga Intl., Acroyoga Montreal, Partner Acrobatics, AcroRevolution and AcroDanza.  Welcome to this magical gathering where we will empower and play through the exploration of movement and the capacity of your body to give life to new possibilities.

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ACROYOGA TEACHER TRAINING Level I with Alexandra Ruiz & Justin Caruso

November 16 - December  2

Become a certified AcroYoga Teacher and join our community of over 1,000 in 55+ countries, supporting over a million participants across the globe through movement, connection, and play! We pride ourselves in the quality of our curriculum, the seamless integration of high-level acrobatics with flying therapeutics and thai massage, the progressive development of skills to create a strong foundation, and the transformative power of our co-teaching philosophy. Our team of deeply experienced Teachers builds on decades of teaching experience.  More Info... 

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MOVE 2.0: Retreat & Festival with Ezra Le Bank & friends  

November 17 - 24

 Movement. Improvisation. Bossyness..... 8-day movement celebration, on land, in water and flying through the air.  Open to movers, shakers, rockers, yogis, acrobats, dancers, athletes, contact improvisers, and bosses whether you are new to this, or if you've been kicking ass for a while.  Guarantee your spot!   More Info...


Thai Massage with Pau Castellsague & Alexandra Ruiz

December 8 - 18

Thai yoga massage course & certification. A tranformative experience, a deep revolution in the way we dance, move, interact, communicate, and specially the way we share touch as a form of healing.  The combination of static and dynamic techniques create a sacred dance that allows the patient to relax and enter into a profound experience of liberation and openness.  More info...



December 27 - January 3rd

 Join us for the Solunar New year Immersion in one full transformative experience.  We will train acrobatics in hot spring water pools, and do aquatic healing work in them as well.  Water Slides will boost the emotional body, while we witness migratory butterflies, flowers in abundance, and delicious Mexican food!  We will create daily rituals that honor ourselves, our acro partners, those who will join this intentional band of acrohealers, extending to each person that you touch moving forward. More Info...