Do I need a Visa to enter Mexico?  Check which nationalities require a visa in this website: www.inm.gob.mx


How to get to Chalananda Retreat Center?  From Guadalajara city or Airport you can take a taxi o uber directly to Chalananda.  Please specify to the driver to take you to Chimulco Parque Acuatico in Villa Corona (this is the waterpark Chalananda is based in).  Don't tell them to take you to Chalananda because they will not know where it is. The cost vary: from 30-40 usd 


How to get to Guadalajara (GDL), Jalisco?

Fly into Guadalajara's Don Miguel Hidalgo International Airport.  If you are coming from outside Mexico you can fly into another Intenational airport in Mexico like: Puerto Vallarta, Cancun or Mexico City and then connect to GDL with one of the local low cost airlines:




You can also take a bus from other places in Mexico to GDL.  We recommend checking these options and see what works for you.


Is it possible to stay longer before and after the retreat?

Sometimes, depending on other retreats happening.  Please contact us if you would like to do that.


Is it safe?

Chalananda is inside a private water park that is very safe and secure. Jalisco has always been a  tourist friendly state.  As in any other place we advise you to take necessary precautions if you are staying or traveling in Mexico before and after the retreat.


What is the weather like?

This area of Jalisco has one of the best climates in the world.  During our fall retreats, the weather is cool in the evening and in the morning, (min. 10 C) and warm during the day (max. 27 C) Occasional rains can be expected.


What about sanitation?

No problem, we only advise you to take precaution with street tacos before and after the retreat.


What about credit cards, cash, exchange rates and money changers?

The exchange rate is always fluctuating so check before coming. We do not accept credit cards.  You will find banks for money changing services in Guadalajara or Villa Corona town just outside the retreat center, as well as an ATM machine.


Suggested Reading about Jalisco?


- Juan Rulfo's "Pedro Paramo" and "El llano en llamas" 

- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jalisco


What to bring?

Water bottle, sweater or jacket for the night, sandals, flash light, notebook, pen, mosquito repellent, towel and swimming suit.


If I'm camping, do I have to bring a tent and sleeping bag?

You don't need to, we rent both of these at a very reasonable price for the duration of your stay. For more  info about this please contact us directly with the details of your stay.